Recent Work



Libremente is an ongoing project which involves using design research methodologies to create, prototype, and implement an SMS-based service to improve the mental health of those affected by natural disasters. We established a working procedure for Libremente in Lima, Peru, and are in the process of refining the service in Mexico and Puerto Rico in the coming months.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Coordinated various aspects of digital campaigns for The Associated Press, including promotions, online copy and presentation. I have also launched several AP newsletters, targeted at various audiences and sent out on timelines varying from every two weeks to quarterly.

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Brasil Insights

AP Books

Pitched book concepts, conducted research using AP archives, curated content for books and selected imagery while collaborating with journalists and publishers.


My Time with the Kings Cover

Selected Stories


Co-founder and executive editor of UGA PreMed Magazine, overseeing the publication process, a staff of over 30 writers and editorial processes. Also worked as senior editor of The Georgia Political Review, overseeing publication of a bi-annual print magazine, daily print operations, four assistant editors and a staff of approximately 60 writers. 

Digital Projects

Created a website for the Women's Outreach and Resource Collective at the University of Georgia and updated the Georgia Political Review website to a new, responsive layout with enhanced tagging, metric tracking and load times.


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