I’m currently a researcher at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Policy and Politics, where I study the spread of disinformation online.

I was previously a graduate student in MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program, where I researched how journalists do their work, how society talks about public health issues, and how all of this is changing given digital shifts and transitions. I also worked in MIT’s ArchiMedia lab, which explores the relationships between reasoning, pedagogy, and communication practices across disciplines.

I use words and technology to turn ideas into actualities — in more ways than one.

My experiences range from editing to communications strategy to user research. I like imbuing everything I do with a digital twist, asking questions like: How can we tell a story visually? What compelling insights can we draw from the most mundane occurrences? How can we engage audiences in new ways, with new experiences?

Some things you should know about me:

  • I love applying digital innovation to real-word problems.
  • I’m as determined and detail-oriented as they come.
  • “Bookworm” is an understatement.
  • I can speak five languages and balance books on my head.
  • I’m not averse to packing a suitcase: I’ve worked and studied everywhere from Peru to Malaysia.
  • Trying new things is my favorite hobby.

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